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Aimed at the qualified pilot looking for a new challenge and a classic to enter in your log-book! We will teach you the art of tailwheel flying in our vintage de Havilland Chipmunk training aircraft.

Tailwheel Differences Training
So you have a PPL, you've done a bit of touring and now you are looking for something a little different to enhance your piloting skills. Why not try a tailwheel conversion with Shoreham's tailwheel specialists? We have taken many pilots of modern nosewheel equipped aircraft and introduced them to the delights of flying classic tailwheel aeroplanes, expanding their horizons and introducing them to an aspect of aviation that takes their flying to a different level. We can do the same for you.

de Havilland Chipmunk

There are no set number of flying hours required to qualify for a 'Tailwheel Differences' endorsement in your log book-also, no test required! All you have to do is satisfy your instructor that you have acquired the necessary skill to safely and confidently operate an aircraft of this configuration. Once signed off, this endorsement covers you for any tailwheel aircraft in that class, not just the type you were trained on.

At RFC, Differences Training is carried out on our superb de Havilland Chipmunk, so not only do you get an endorsement, you gain a type conversion onto a classic at the same time.

Piper Cub cockpit

Type Conversions
For those pilots who are already proficient at flying tailwheel aircraft but are looking for variety in different types, we at RFC offer type conversions onto our tailwheel aircraft. If you fancy converting onto a de Havilland Chipmunk then give us a call. There are no set number of flying hours required, the duration of the training depends upon many factors, such as: experience, types previously flown and similarity between types etc.




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